For corporates

Loan program for corporate clients is one of the priority activity directions of Orienbank. Understanding of clients demands, ability to work with different provision forms, making decisions very fast, in order to collaborate efficiently with borrowers.

The bank offers loans for small-scale and middle-scale business enterprises, crediting of enterprises-exporters which production and services are used to be stable and also for circulating capital increase, for scopes of activity development and for other goals. Loans can be issued for active, financially stable enterprises.
Loans are issued in head office of Orienbank in Dushanbe and in its branches. 

The advantage of our loan programs:

  • Flexible repaying options (can be repaid partially or fully at any time during the loan period).
  • The lowest interest rates in the banking sector.
  • The loan issuance in 24 hours in many branches of the bank.
  • The loan issuance in cash and non-cash forms.
  • Minimum documents.