For individuals
Money transfer

Many people know the situation when it is promptly need to send money for their relatives, friends or their colleagues to Russia or to other countries. And there are appearing several problems like: existence of bank account, sizable commission expenses and time. 

Orienbank is glad to offer you services on international money transfer and also order services within Tajikistan without opening banking account. 

Bank collaboration with famous international money transfer companies helps us to offer various types of money order to clients; each of them has its features, and these benefits are unique. First of all, these services are interesting for tourists, for citizens, which have relatives abroad, for students, which study in other countries and also for foreigners, which work in Tajikistan. 

Main benefits of our clients are the independent choice of most handy and profitable money transfer system. Specialists of Orienbank provides to client full information about every money transfer system. You need to just to select which system you like most.