For individuals

Our main goal is fully engagement in development of all classes of our society, the quest for improvement, and prosperity. As an important part of a larger economic system, our bank offers a full range of financial products and services. We always provide each customer more comfortable and optimal solutions for their needs. Our approach - is the most convenient service every day. We are ready to do everything possible to earn your trust. 


Loans from Orienbank - best solutions for your needs and fast loan issuance for purchase of consumer goods, payment of services and more. After providing minimum documents to the bank, we will contact you for further instructions.


Orienbank accepts funds of individuals, as well as individual entrepreneurs in the form of deposits. Deposit is banking transaction related to the raising of funds from private individuals for definite cost and for fixed and non fixed period.

payment cards

Payment cards of Orienbank saves your time, very easy to use, benefits and discounts on goods or services offered by commercial and service enterprises.

Calculation and cash services

Orienbank by using advanced technologies and high professionalism of its stuff offers clients calculation and cash services. High quality banking service and the business atmosphere in Orinebank helps to find the best solutions of clients need. We always open for you. 

Money transfer

Orienbank is glad to offer you services on international money transfer and also order services within Tajikistan without opening banking account. 

Safe services

Are you worried about the safety of your property? Do you have the feeling of anxiety for kept at home valuables and documents? Orienbank is pleased to offer individual safe boxes.

Cash collection services

With us Your valuables in safety!

"Orienbank" offers you and your company take advantage of transportation of valuables, namely cash of commercial organizations, banks, government agencies, public and other organizations.

Bank's tariffs

Bank charges a commission for banking services, according to the bank's tariff.