About bank

"Orienbank" OJSC is one of the oldest banks of the Republic of Tajikistan. As early as in 1925 in Dushanbe, Tajik SSR had been functioning a Department of the Central Asian Commercial Bank, on the base of which the Republican office of Prombank was formed later in September of that year. 
In the beginning of 30th along with some new banks specialized to finance the long term projects was formed Prombank that had been providing services to finance the construction, manufacturing, transportation and communication industries.
In 1959 the existed specialized banks were liquidated and their functions delivered to Stroybank and Gosbank. Stroybank was in charge to undertake financing the manufacturing, transportation, communication, government and public organizations and individuals. In the end of 80th, twenty century, Stroybank and Gosbank were reorganized and on their base were formed the Republican Gosbank and universal specialized banks, as well as the State Commercial and Construction Bank of Tajikpromstroybank which its duty was directed on providing the complex services to all industrial enterprises of the Republic of Tajikistan, geological survey, fuel and energy complex of the construction companies, trade and transportation companies, as well as to the enterprises of the Ministry of Communication. 
Tajikpromstroybank became a stock company in 1991 and in December 29, 1991 it was reorganized to the Tajik Joint-Stock Manufacturing - Construction Bank of "Orienbank". It was registered by the National Bank of the Republic of Tajikistan and owns the license №1.
In April 5th, 2002, the Tajik Joint-Stock Manufacturing-Construction Bank of “Orienbank” was renamed to Open Joint-Stock Company "Orienbank".

Key Milestones:

1925 - Established under its former name “Prombank”, one of the first banks in the country. 

1950’s - Financed and serviced the wave of industrial, transportation, and communication development across the formerly rural Tajikistan.

1970’s - Financed and serviced one of the most important national industrial complexes to this date – the South-Tajikistan Territorial Industrial Complex. 

1991 - The first bank in the independent Tajikistan to apply and get a full banking licence (Orienbank receives the Licence №1).

Early 1990’s - Financed import of tens of thousands of tonnes of wheat and flour, thousands of tonnes of oil, hundreds of tonnes of sugar and other food and basic supplies during the most difficult period of       civil unrest after Soviet Union collapse.

1997 - US$4m EBRD line opened. First bank to receive the line.

1998 - The first and only commercial bank launching overnight transactions (through CITI bank).

2000 - Set up for foreign banks 227 financial drafts and commercial papers totaling 18 million USD – very large sums for Tajikistan at the time.

2002 - The first bank to join SWIFT code.

          - The first bank to join VISA International, Europay and STB.

          - One of the first partners in Tajikistan with money transfer companies, including  “Western Union”, “Migom” and others.

2004 - Becomes Associate member of VISA International.

2006 - The first bank to open internet banking services in Tajikistan.

2011 - The first bank to structure and receive a syndicated loan.