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Stages of «Orien Leasing» deals and contracts


 Stages of «Orien Leasing» deals and contracts

  1. The customer submits specification to make settlement of lease payments, brief form (standard) and 1st. 2nd. 3rd and 5th  forms of balance sheet for the last 3 years to «Orien Leasing» LLC.
  2. «Orien Leasing» LLC calculates lease payments schedule according to leasing calculator.
  3. If the leasing terms are convenient for Customer, it will send all the documents required for the case to «Orien Leasing» LLC.
  4.  «Orien Leasing» makes a decision on funding a project (positive, negative, terms and conditions etc).
  5. Customer issues a formal application to leasing company, Lease agreement, Supply contract with a Supplier (purchase contract) and Insurance contract if a decision on insurance of subject of lease is mede.
  6. The Customer transfers advance payment to Company’s account.
  7. Supplier makes a shipment of subject of lease to the customer of Orien Leasing».
  8. The Customer make payment within lease term, makes routine maintenance of the subject of lease.
  9.    «Orien Leasing» LLC transfer the ownership of subject of lease to the Customer upon termination of term of lease.

Contracts used:

  1.  Lease agreement (sub-leasing) with appendices.
  2. Supply agreement (purchase).
  3. Insurance contract.

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