Orien Lising
Leasing services

Leasing services

Our company provide financial leasing services of one of the newest financial instruments on the market of Tajikistan, on the most beneficial terms. Our Customers are organizations and entrepreneurs, which are able to make long-term plan of development of their own business, since they focus not onto once-a-minute small profit, but expect to increase their production, sales, profit and extend the coverage in their sector with our financial assistance. This is no accident that our motto is an «Orien Leasing, your rise to the occasion with us!» and these are not fluent phrases, our Customers coming across a problem to get a loan, may expect to get necessary machinery, equipment, vehicles leased by «Orien Leasing» LLC.  

 «Orien Leasing» LLC is an all-purpose leasing company, our Customers represent the widest range of economic sectors, the deal with the followings:

    • Capital construction
    • Earth works (set of civil works)
    • Road construction
    • Mining operations
    • Freight and passenger transportation
    • Textile manufacture and other types of production
    • Municipal maintenance of roads and territories
    • Agriculture  
    • Food processing and storage
    • Medical care service
    • Printing industry
    • Telecommunications
    • Trade service area
  1. Term of leasing contract: from 12 to 36 months, it is possible to extend the term upon agreement (depends on subject of lease);
  2. Cost of leased equipment is not limited, a staged project implementation is possible.
  3. Minimum amount of lease finance: at least 10,000 USD.
  4. Advance payment: from 20 to 30 % of the project cost at the time Leasing Agreement is executed;
  5. The financing rates of “Orien Leasing” LLC are very competitive in the market. They can be even lower than market if we use credit lines of our foreign partners. In any case, each transaction of our potential customers is considered and structured individually. The history of our cooperation has shown that our customers are always satisfied.
  6. Interests are accrued on the value of the leased asset less made advance payment. Interests are calculated by the annuity method, which is the most convenient method for customers and on average, there will be an increase in the cost of the leased asset by 7-10% appreciation per year;

Leasing payment schedule:

    • Monthly, quarterly, equal payment within the whole term of rent;
    • Flexible payment system upon agreement:

       7. Prolongation of lease payments: is provided for the term of delivery, installation and commissioning works (up to 4 month) as Customer wishes;
       8. For small-scale enterprises: actual owners of company – lessees shall provide personal guarantee for lease contract. This guarantee is provided by executing contract of guarantee, according  to which the company owners of lessee as an individual person bear joint liability under lease agreement.