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Calculation and cash services

Orienbank using advanced technologies and basing on experience and high professionalism of its stuff offers clients to use calculation and cash services. High quality banking service and the business atmosphere in Orienbank contributes to the growth of business communication confidence of clients.

Like most banks in the world, our bank is ready to provide you the services of cash management services in somoni and foreign currency.

To ensure prompt and quality calculations of your company, the Bank provides:

  • All types and forms of payment in somoni and foreign currencies.
  • Long working day.
  • Enrollment of funds to clients accounts in real time.
  • Remote account management by using "Internet banking" system.
  • Settlement services throughout the working hours and evening cash services.
  • Accelerated payments to the Russian system by interregional electronic payments.
  • Accelerated payments through the interbank telecommunications system SWIFT.
  • Exchange controls and support foreign trade.
  • Conversion operations.

Settlement and cash services of your company are not limited by listed above operations. By this concept we mean a set of mechanisms and procedures which are address the customer service at the highest level of modern banking standards. Services are provided both in the head office and all branches. 

Bank charges a commission for banking services, according to the bank's tariff.
To open an account you need following documents: