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Trade finance

Orienbank provides trade finance service to the wide range of clients for the internal and external economic activity. Providing the service of commercial financing bank makes able to reduce clients commercial and financial risks during the carrying out the export-import operations, and also tries to decrease the expenses of goods and make better the financial flow.

Advantages and the benefits of the commercial financing:

  • Reducing credit risk, government, legal and other forms of risks for foreign trade transactions by using the letter of credit.
  • Possibility to obtain the financing for the current foreign trade transactions.
  • Possibility to obtain postponement / in installments of payment with the foreign trade transactions from 1 month till 1 year.
  • Rates on the commercial financing in average lower than the rates on the classical credit.

The existing correspondent network of bank makes the letter of credit to be opened or to be insured as the guarantee in favor of supplier, who is located at any point of the world.

"Orienbank" proposes to its clients the following products and services in term of commercial financing and carry out the international calculations:

  • Letters of credit and the issuance of guarantees.
  • Letters of credit with deferred payment.
  • Post-import financing.
  • Export financing.
  • Warranties (by type obligations whose performance they provide):

     - Tender guarantee.

     - Guarantees of deferred payment.

     - Guarantee the fulfillment of obligations under the contract.

     - Guarantees of the advance payment.

     - Customs guarantees.

     - Guarantees for blocking funds in the account.


For preliminary consideration of the question of the bank trade finance business, note the following:

  • Provide the bank draft foreign trade contract.
  • Financing amount shall not exceed the amount of commercial transactions.
  • Execute and deliver to the Bank a preliminary application for trade financing.

The adoption of a positive decision by the bank on the financing of the transaction, as a rule, the company must:

  • Availability of the current sources of repayment of the credit, interest, and costs associated with trade finance.
  • Availability of security - property, surety, other appropriate forms of security for the bank prior to the delivery of goods to a foreign trade contract.

Tariffs on trade financing can be obtained here.