About bank

One of the basic valuables of our bank is creative and talented stuff. Incessant aspiration for perfection, new bank products introduction based on new achievements in the field of information technologies and creative visions are prosperity of our bank. High corporative culture, team spirit and collaboration help to have high rating and authority both among clients and in financial industry.

The bank gives equal opportunities for every wished person who is interested in participating in competitions of vacant seats. When making decision regarding to work acceptance of the candidate, the prime criteria is the potential growth of candidates for future. Instruments of motivation for bank stuff are constantly progressing to highly productive work, and also encouragement for creative approach to business, tendency to bring new innovative ideas and new technological solves.

When considering candidates to vacant seats we take into account factors like work experience, education background, and personal achievements. If the bank finds out your CV interesting, specialists of Human resources department will certainly contact you in order to take additional information and arrange an interview. You can send your CV to ok@orienbank.com.