For corporates

Corporate unit is one of the most important business areas of "Orienbank". Orienbank serves the largest companies in the country, most of them from the early days work exclusively with Orienbank. 


Loan program for corporate clients is one of the priority activity directions of Orienbank. Understanding of clients demands, ability to work with different provision forms, making decisions very fast, in order to collaborate efficiently with borrowers.


"Orienbank" offers legal entities and individual entrepreneurs temporarily available funds to allocate on deposit in somoni and foreign currency. Bank deposit in the present time is one of the affordable and reliable tools for the allocation of funds.

payment cards

Orienbank offers its clients services on issuing and servicing of the cards of leading international payment systems. Our bank is full member of an international payment system Visa International. If you open corporative cards of Gold class for company managers it will be evidence of high status of your company.

Calculation and cash services

Orienbank using advanced technologies and basing on experience and high professionalism of our stuff offers clients to use calculation and cash services. High quality banking service and the business atmosphere contributes to the growth of business communication confidence of clients.

Trade finance

Orienbank provides trade finance service to the wide range of clients for the internal and external economic activity. Providing the service of commercial financing bank makes able to reduce clients commercial and financial risks during the carrying out the export-import operations, and also tries to decrease the expenses of goods and make better the financial flow.

Cash collection services

With us Your valuables in safety!

"Orienbank" offers you and your company take advantage of transportation of valuables, namely cash of commercial organizations, banks, government agencies, public and other organizations.

Bank's tariffs

Bank charges a commission for banking services, according to the bank's tariff.